TIGERS 2002/2003 Request for Proposals (pdf)(html)
TIGERS 2002/2003 Grant Abstracts (pdf)(html)

Title Proposal Report Work Product
Building a Community Portal of Library Learning Resources (pdf)(doc) (pdf)(doc)  
California State University's Student Assistants:
Information and Instructional Technology's Best Kept Secret
(pdf) (pdf)(html)  
E-Text Website Reseach Project (pdf)(doc) (pdf)(doc) (E-text Recommended Guidelines)
(presentation to Advisory Committee)
(E-text Solutions Presentation)
IDEA (pdf)(doc) (pdf)(doc) artifact
Training and Support Materials for Blackboard Version 6.0   (pdf)(doc) artifact
Web Accessibility: Know Your Users
Telly Award winner!
(pdf)(doc)   award
video clip
Web Accessibility Learning Modules (pdf) (pdf)(html) work product

CATS is a program of the CSU Center for Distributed Learning.