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Welcome to Affordable Learning Solutions

Tennessee Board of Regents Affordable Learning Solutions enables faculty to choose and provide more affordable, quality educational content for their students.

By reducing Tennessee Board of Regents student course material expenses, more students acquire the course materials they need to succeed and benefit from their learning experience.

Now, Tennessee Board of Regents faculty and students have greater access to quality free and low-cost learning materials through a variety of ALS programs and partnerships.


CHOICE: Enables the discovery of course content, including commercial publisher content, library resources, and a wide array of open educational resources (OER).

AFFORDABILITY: Technology and partnerships that reduce the cost of learning materials for students and Tennessee Board of Regents.

ACCESSIBILITY: Every student is entitled to a high quality education with access to all learning materials.

The Affordable Learning Solutions Website:

  • Enables faculty to find quality free or low-cost course content that can substitute for more costly textbooks.
  • Showcases the use of campus library resources for course materials.
  • Organizes tools for faculty to customize and author course content.
  • Provides easy access to information about usability and accessibility of e-readers.
  • Helps faculty be recognized for quality teaching and efforts to reduce students' costs.
  • Enables faculty to share best practices for using low-cost digital and print content in Tennessee Board of Regents courses.
  • Supports campus Affordable Learning Solutions strategies and initiatives.

California State University's ALS Webinar Series

The webinars provide an overview of ALS, share examples of successful campus efforts to lower the cost of course materials, and review commercial eReader tools provided by publishers and e-textbook distributors. The webinar will also address participants’ questions, comments, or concerns.

  • May 2013 Webinar (Recorded Session) (Just PPT)
    • CSU Fresno ALS Initiative
    • Vendor Presentation: Milestone Documents
  • April 2013 (Recorded Session) (Just PPT)
    • CSU Library Services and ALS
    • SAGE Publishing
  • March 2013 (Recorded Session) (Just PPT)
    • Campus ALS efforts and outcomes at CSU Monterey Bay
    • Principles of Biology, a born digital etext from Nature Publishing Group
  • December 2012 Webinar (Recorded Session) (Just PPT)
    • Campus ALS efforts and outcomes @ CSU Northridge
    • Custom Publishing using AcademicPub
  • October 2012 Webinar (Recorded Session) (Just PPT)
    • Campus ALS efforts and outcomes @ CSU Chico
    • Open and custom publication options
  • September 2012 Webinar (Recorded Session) (Just PPT)
    • Campus ALS Efforts and Outcomes @ CSU Channel Islands
    • Vendor Presentation: NOOKStudy, Barnes & Noble
  • August 2012 Webinar (Recorded Session) (Just PPT)
    • Campus ALS Efforts and Outcomes @ San Jose State University
    • Vendor Presentation: CourseSmart
  • June 2012 Webinar (Recorded Session) (Just PPT)
    • Campus ALS Efforts and Outcomes @ Cal Poly Pomona
    • Vendor Presentation: Cengage Learning
  • May 2012 (Recorded Session) (Just PPT)
    • Campus ALS Efforts and Outcomes @ CSU Dominquez Hills
    • Vendor Presentation, Café Scribe, Follett

New Digital Biology Textbook to Cost Students Just $49

iPad displaying digital biology textbook As part of a three-year partnership with Nature Publishing Group (NPG), publisher of the world’s leading scientific journal Nature, CSU faculty guided and advised the development of NPG’s Principles of Biology – the first in a series of interactive "born digital" textbooks. The text will be incorporated into courses for students at the Los Angeles, Northridge and Chico campuses starting in the 2011/2012 academic year.

Learn more about the Principles of Biology digital textbook.

Announcing MERLOT II